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    Forthcoming legislation

    There are a number of legislative changes that will, or might, occur in the forthcoming year.  We will
    be emailing information in due course and some of the topics will be:

    • Minimum requirements for EPC ratings.  This is happening 1 April and we have emailed
      about this before.
    • Introduction of compulsory electrical safety testing.  This is already a very strong
      recommendation to have done and it will probably become compulsory.  We urge all
      landlords to get this done.  For our managed landlords we can arrange this for you, as
      always, for no charge (apart from the contractors cost).
    • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – you may be aware that this a substantial
      change to the current regulations which is happening on 25 May.  Our procedures and
      systems are very secure, nevertheless there will be changes to the way we (and any
      business) have to handle the personal information of anyone we deal with.  There will be
      more info on this later.
    • Tenant fees ban – the government intends to ban all fees to tenants from agents, thus
      making us a free service to tenants and prospective tenants.  This might affect how some
      agents charge their landlords (particularly those agents who currently charge high fees to
      tenants, of which we are NOT one !)
    • The Fitness for Human Habitation Bill – likely to become law by the end of the year.

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